The Forgotten Pin Collar Shirt

Pin Collar Shirt

Pin Collar Shirt

What exactly is a Pin Collar you ask? It is a style of dress shirt collar that was popular decades ago and has since been long forgotten. The Pin Collar is specifically made so one can pin a tie pin or tie bar through the collars to hold up their tie. The tie pin typically resemble an everyday safety pin except classier. The tips of the collar can be straight or angled, depending on personal style.

This type of collar is quite convenient for businessmen who would want their ties looking their best. However depending on how elaborate the pin is, it can be distracting and divert attention away from the face. The style of the collar is also not suitable for all face shapes. It’ll be best to avoid them if you have a diamond shaped face.

Wearing this type of collar requires a tie. It doesn’t matter what knot you use, but the thinner Four In Hand will probably have the best results. If you don’t plan on wearing a tie, the collar will only look out of place with two holes. An alternative to this collar is the Tab Collar. Instead of pins, the Tab Collar lifts up the tie with a button extending on a strip between the two wings of the collar. Although both aren’t as common in stores, they both definitely bring your overall look to a new level.

The Pin Collar is a rarity nowadays. Most men still stick with the Classic Collar, although more and more are turning to Two Button Collars and sometimes even Three Button Collars. Try playing with the shirt model at www.ShirtsMyWay.com and see which collar style fits you best.

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