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Tailor In Style is a team of dress shirt enthusiasts and experts with years of experience within the clothing industry.

With this experience and passion we have created a 100+ page resource full of useful and inspiring information.

This Resource Includes:

  1. In-Depth Styling Guides that shows you how you immediately can improve your style
  2. Detailed Fabric Guides that will tell what you really have to know about fabrics
  3. Guides To Buying Custom Dress Shirts – This will tell you what to watch out for when ordering custom shirts
  4. Introductions To The Basics of A Shirt – A detailed look at the most important parts of a shirt and what it all means to you (collar, cuffs, buttons, etc.)
  5. Interviews With Style Mavens – We’ve gathered stylists and fashionistas that will give you tips and ideas of what to wear
  6. And a whole lot more

All this information is entirely FREE, no strings attached.

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